Interesting situation on eur/chf and franc suisse overall

I don’t know if you follow what is going on with franc suisse. For some time it was rather boring. Now, events from around the world and decisions form central banks changed the bigger picture here.

How to follow situation on franc suisse pairs?

If you want to follow situation on franc suisse like I do then you can find many online charts of suisse pairs. But I prefer different way. I simply use metatrader – this is a Forex trading software. You can install it as a demo, there are many brokers who offer this kind of deal with unlimited demo. tehre you can find dozens of currency pairs. Among them you should find those important to us so pairs like USD/CHF (dollar vs franc suisse) or EUR/CHF (euro vs franc suisse). That way you can see live charts of that pairs. Why I do that? Because I earn in euros and pay mortgage in franc suisse, that why I check what is going on. And I use to sell euros and buy francs so to change eur/chf. They have always deals as close to the chart situation as possible.

Lets have a look at them now.

Dollar vs Franc Suisse

Here we have a daily chart of USD/CHF:

daily chart of dollar vs franc suisse

You can see here that around 1.0 level there was an important support. Now price managed to go well bellow that support. Not a good sign for bulls. It is common that 1.0 are very important. When we see that usd/chf price goes below that level we can expect more move down to come.

Euro vs Franc Suisse

And here we have a daily chart of EUR/CHF:


Again, not a great day to be long here. We can see that important support (red line) at 1.06 did not hold and right after that we saw a strong move down. We can assume that price will go even more down, down to the support line marked with green line.

We can also check higher timeframes like weekly or monthly. We will see there similar picture.

What does it mean for normal people? It depends. Some people like me for exaple have mortgages in franc suisse so these charts are very important for us. Other people may earn in euros and buy in dollars for exapmple companies which trade with other countries. In all these cases franc suisses rate is very important.